Determinants of export performance in French wine SMEs

Examining the role of international entrepreneurship, innovation and international market performance in SME internationalisation

The internationalisation of ‘high performing’ UK high-tech SMEs: a study of planned and unplanned strategies

Case: Elm Inc.: The globalisation of a rural company Discussion Questions and Guidelines Description Elm Inc., as a small to medium-sized enterprise (SME), overcame the limitations of its size and (rural) location to achieve global success. Elm’s new business model enabled the company to capture more than 80 per cent of the global market for disc repair devices. Elm is now looking to diversify into other markets (such as LED lights), for sustainability and growth going forward. Preparation for the class discussion (on Wednesday, 02/08/2017) • You should familiarize yourself with the case and prepare some bullet points about what happened. • You should be able to identify the issues that required resolution and what decision rules might have been used to reduce the number of issues to be negotiated. • Also, you need to be able to share your thoughts about the major lessons. A good preparation for the class discussion will help you prepare a well-developed and sensible answers to the assignment questions. Nevertheless, there are no right or wrong answers; there can be logical and illogical answers! Your task: 1. First, provide a brief ‘Situation Analysis’ summarising the key facts that comprise the case. You may use bullet points (about 150 words). [10 Marks] 2. Discussion Questions (< 200 words each, but you should cover all the necessary points). a. Successful SMEs such as Elm Inc. tend to target niche markets. Discuss the advantages of having a niche strategy. [20 Marks] b. Explain the benefits to the firm and the region when a regionally based company such as Elm internationalises. [20 Marks] c. What have been the key success factors for Elm? Do you think other SMEs can emulate its success? [25 Marks] d. While SMEs can target global markets, it is difficult to remain successful in those markets. How can a firm such as Elm continue to succeed internationally? Discuss.