Assessment  1:  Strategic  Audit  (40%) This  is  an applied assessment  and  to  be  undertaken  in  a  group  (not  exceeding  three people). In  assessment  1,  you are  required to conduct  a  strategic  audit  of  a  company  of  your  choice.  In preparing  your report,  your  approach should be  that  of  a  “management  consultant”  who is seeking  to  answer  “where  is  the  organisation  right  now?”.  In  assessment  1,  you  are analyzing and communicating  on three  aspects  about  the  company:  Vision and mission statements, external audit and internal audit.  Note:  You can  choose  any  business  or  organization operating  in Australia.  It  can be  a company  that  you work for  or  have  worked  for  previously  or  own.  Also, note  that  you should NOT choose  a  company  that  has  multiple  divisions. However,  you  can  choose  one  of  the divisions  of  the  organization. For  example,  you should not  choose  Wesfarmers  but  can choose  one  from  Coles, Bunnings, Kmart, etc.  which are  divisions  or  subsidiaries  within Wesfarmers.  Important:  You  need  to  get  approval  from  the  unit  coordinator  about  your  chosen company before you start working on your assessment. 

The  strategic  audit format for  assessment 1  will be  as  follows: 1.  Title  page  with  all  group member  names  and  student  IDs 2.  Executive summary  (one  page) 3.  Table  of  contents 4.  Brief  introduction to the  company 5.  External  audit   Analysis  of  Porter’s  Five  Forces  Model  of  the  industry   List at  least  three (3)  Key  success  factors  for the  industry 6.  Internal  audit   SWOT analysis   Value chain  analysis 7.  Vision and mission  statement analysis 8.  Identify  one  or  two key  strategic  issues  that  the company  must  address  in future (Assessment  2 is  linked to this)   As a strategist,  you need  to think about  where  the  company  will  be  in three year’s  time.  For  example,  you need to anticipate  customer  needs  in three year’s  time  and  what  you  need to do today  (you will  do this  in assessment  2  strategic  plan)  in order  to be  able to  meet  those needs.  You  need  to  anticipate how  your  competitor  will  react  or  how  the  industry  will  change  in future1. You will need  to  plan for  these  in assessment  2, but  identify  the  issues  in assessment  1. 9.  Reference list 10. Appendices