Provide a semiotic analysis of the photograph below. Your discussion should take into account issues such as signifier, signified, denotation, connotation, paradigm, syntagm, myth and any other element of the photograph as a combination of signs that you find significant. You do not need to explain these terms or to offer definitions, rather, you need to use them correctly and with confidence as the object of the analysis is to find out the kinds of meaning this photograph conveys. If you want to do some research on the mythologies you will talk about and use your reading to support your analysis, please feel free to do so but make sure that you acknowledge all your sources according to the Harvard Reference System (introduced in week 1). But you DON’T have to include references or do background reading for this assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to use your analytical skills and to apply a particular methodological approach to the study of an image and not to do research. Finally, please ensure that your essay follows the academic essay conventions