practical write up A

Task title: ‘Design a process to improve identification of haemoglobinopathy and thalassemia’  

Produce an essay, which explores identification and classification of haemoglobinopathy and thalassemia. Highlight current practice and future development. Research and present novel technologies, which may be a useful addition to the current testing regime. In line with the level 6 descriptors (below) this must be a critical and thoughtful piece of work which shows insight.

Word count:1000

practical write up B

Task title: ‘Critically review the role of New Era Anticoagulant Therapies (NEAT’s) in management of prothombotic conditions’

Produce an essay which provides an account of 3 or more NEAT’s. Consider and report the relative advantages and disadvantages of NEAT’s compared with traditional Coumadin’s. Include an explanation of the mode of action and effects in terms of haemostatic measurement.

Word count: 1000    

practical write up C

Task Title: ‘Devise a scientific procedural algorithm to identify and quantify all anaemia’s that the NHS could introduce’ 

Design a procedural algortithm that:

  1. Identifies anaemia
  2. Desingishes between acquired and inherited anaemia
  3. Includes the expected results