Please find a current news article from an industry that interests you. This article should deal with an ethical issue. While most news articles you find will highlight unethical activities, your article could highlight a company’s owners and/or employees who are behaving ethically. For example, the article “This Company Pays Employees $2,200 To Go on Vacation If They Give to Charity”1highlights arguably ethical activities. Either type of article are appropriate for this assignment.Write a two to three page paper with standard formatting about this article that demonstrates yourunderstanding of ethical problems in managementaccounting.Specifically, I am looking for you to discuss the following:?What is the key ethical issue in the article??What is your position on the ethical issue??Why would a reader be persuaded to agree with your position? That is, provide evidence that supports your position.?What is the other position on the ethical issue??Why would a person hold this ethical position??What are the flaws in this other position that shows your position is the most appropriate considering your evidence?