Assignment 1, details 

Part 1 – 
Written report

Part 2please note there will be INFO GRAFS to submit- two pages…..i will supply the links in for this to be fulfilled. alternatively if you are familiar with such presentation pages and have a platform you would like to work with i am open to discussion on this. 
– Design and develop an infographic for visual representation of the key points in your written report

Part 3- 
Self-reflection– Evaluate your learning though this assignment using GLOs (Graduate learning outcomes) and ULOs (unit learning outcomes) in the unit guide.

selection: Choose one of the three commodities below on which to create the written assignment and infographic.
Title: A closer look at a food commodity: Nutritional, health (positive and negative) and safety aspects (food borne illnesses associated with the commodity or chemical risks) 
Criteria and requirements: You need to select one commodity group from the below three commodity groups to work on the assignment

I have chosen the following as the topic to be presented.
Nuts (peanut and tree-nuts) 
In this assignment topic, you need to focus on one of the commodities

Discuss the nutritional contribution (from the composition of the commodity) and health promoting characteristics /attributes of the commodity. Also consider any negative health aspects of the selected commodity. 
(As an example, if we consider cereals, dietary fibre in cereals helps to reduce cardiovascular disease (positive aspect). Gluten intolerance is a negative health aspect). 

Discuss possible safety concerns if any associated with the selected commodity (common biological and chemical risks
, food recalls/outbreaks associated with the commodity) 

Highlight any development/innovation/current research on the selected commodity in relation to nutritional contribution, health outcomes or safety concern

Organise the assignment with subheadings and include the most relevant information relevant to the criteria

Use tables where possible to add details such as statistics, data, and summary information

Part 1 –
Written Assignment – maximum 1400 words (There will be no 10% allowance) Report format

The report needs to contain an introduction, body (main discussion) and conclusion or a summary. The main discussion on the topic needs to contain information that are most relevant and important to the topic. Structure the report using relevant sub headings for clear and logical presentation. Use tables and charts/figures, where necessary to provide summary of information/data or statistics). Use photos where applicable to enhance the presentation of the report.

Tables, figures, subheadings and tables/figure titles are excluded from the word count.

Font size and line spacing for the report: More importantly focus on clarity and readability:12 font size and double spacing 

Assignment submission

*Written report (maximum 1400 words) and self-reflection (maximum 100 word). Submit as one document in PDF format

*Infographic presentation– Maximum 2 A4 pages. Submit as PDF (preferred) or JPEG 

**Submit both report and infographic in the same assignment folder named Assignment 1References and 

Use scientific evidence mainly from research papers sourced from journal articles to support your explanation
Critical engagement with concepts based on scientific studies is required. 
You may also use Government websites for statistical information as an example surveillance of microorganisms, food recall statistics etc

Reference style-Vancouver style –

There is no specific number of references. You need to include adequate references to justify the information you present in the report.
Part B 
– Infographics Aim: The aim of this activity is to develop an Infographic and visually communicate a critical issue relevant to Food Science.

Project task: You will prepare graphical visual representation of key points of the assignment within an Infographic.
Note: Please go through the information in the Storyline>Assignment 1 on the Infographic and how to develop/create an

Infographic presentation (maximum two pages including the reference list) is the summary of information presented in the report. I have to upload this work around august 7-11… you will need to have this too me no later than august 9-please

This is basically a PLAN of the work to come.

Target audience for the Infographic presentation- The audience is not the consumer. This is a scientific report and the infographic needs to be targeted at the same audience such as academics and peers.

Referencing on infographic presentation -Include corresponding citation (in-text) where necessary and include a reference list at the end. 
You will include a complete reference list at the end of the written report (Two pages in total including the reference list)
You can submit your infographic presentation as JPEG or PDF format (PDF preferred). There is no word limit for the Infographic section as that is mostly figures/ graphs and images

Infographic design tips………..if you need to load a better design software please let me know and I will pay for it and start it and then send through the passwords etc… trysting your experienced judgment on this. 

Become familiar with infographics from

Register with the free Infographic creation platform Piktochart and practice using this tool. It takes concentrated periods over 
several days or weeks to learn how to use Piktochart

Plan, design and create the infographic.

Use strategies to improve clarity, such as: blocks or areas that delineate each sub-topic, provide meaningful colour palettes that can be read easily 

Edit the amount and type of information to make it easy to understand and persuasive. Too much text reduces clarity and understanding!
Also consider font type, font size, and hierarchy of font size.

Review the Piktochart and ask “Is it presenting the topic concept and is it saying what you actually want it to say
for the reader to clearly understand”

Pilot test your infographic to get feedback on how it is perceived, and refine if necessary.
Plan your assignment using a project management plan 
Some of the tasks in your plan will include –

Select a topic 

Learn how to create an infographic

Research your topic 

Write the written report (1400 words)

Map out the key messages and flow of information you wish to include in the infographic

Create the Infographic (Two A4 pages maximum)

Evaluate your learning from this assignment –Based on GLOs and ULOs