Corrections Officer Dilemma

For this first dialogue, you will again be asked to place yourself in the position of a member of the criminal justice system—specifically, a fairly new corrections officer. You will be presented with a factual situation and then asked for your response. What you have learned so far in this course is important, as well as the Module Notes and the material in Chapter 12.

You are a fairly new corrections officer (under one year) at a mid level security facility in Ohio (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.. Inmates at your facility range from non-violent felons to dangerous felons convicted of serious and often violent offenses. You have been working in a section of the prison where there are quite a few violent offenders who have created many security issues in their section of the prison. One particular inmate attacked a corrections officer a few weeks ago, causing him to be hospitalized for a short time. He suffered some minor injuries to his neck and back but has returned to duty. The prisoner had been isolated for a few days but is now back in his regular cell. You have overheard three officers hatching a plan to isolate the prisoner who attacked the guard and “teach him a lesson.” They have reached out to you, not to participate in the physical beating they planned, but to stand guard and make sure no one witnesses what they are planning. Obviously, they have directed you not to speak about this to anyone.

Keeping in mind the importance of maintaining security in a prison facility:

Do you think this “action” by your co-workers will encourage prisoners not to attack guards in the future, or will it have an opposite affect? Support your opinions and provide citations from course or outside resources where appropriate.