Context: Food & wine events are important in the promotion of Australian gastronomy as many producers are based in rural locations and often do not have the ability to self-promote on a major scale. These events bring a range of producers together and therefore attract domestic and international gastronomic tourists who would have otherwise been unlikely to visit the region. Regional events benefit tourism throughout Australia as attendees often choose to travel to additional locations during their visit. In this assessment students will investigate the importance of food & wine events to producers and the strategies used by these events to attract potential gastronomic tourists to a region. Students will also gain an understanding of how external environmental, economic, social & political issues and emerging trends impact on food & wine events and how these can be managed to ensure the success of an event.


Instructions: The Margaret River Gourmet Escape is a major food & wine event that takes place annually in Western Australia in late November. The event attracts domestic and international tourists who attend a number of food related workshops & seminars hosted by wineries and EGY101_Assessment 2 Brief Page 2 of 4 restaurants where they are given the opportunity to sample local food and wines. In addition, a range of different Australian & international celebrity chefs present each year, including Heston Blumenthal, Peter Gilmore, George Colambaris, Marco Pierre White, Rick Stein and most recently Nigella Lawson. Students are required to submit a report in which they analyse the Margaret River Gourmet Escape. The report should address the following:

  1. Provide an overview of the event (focusing on the most recent occurrence) and outline the growth & development of the event over the last 5 years. [number of people, getting bigger, number of days, etc] => THIS QUESTION IS THE INTRODUCTION.
  2. Discuss the strategies that the event uses to promote Margaret River as a gastronomic tourism destination (domestically & internationally), with a focus on the local food & wine industry. [how it attract people] => BODY
  3. Outline current environmental, economic, social and political issues (one for each category) that have the potential to impact (negative or positive) on the future of gastronomic tourism in Margaret River and Australia as a whole. [can be negative or positive or can be both but HAVE TO have enough 4 categories] => BODY

Identify two (2) emerging consumer trends and propose two (2) additional activities that could be incorporated into next year’s program to address these trends and support the growth of gastronomic tourism in the Margaret River region. Research other domestic & global food events for inspiration. [2 trends HAVE TO connect with 2 activities. Example for trend: allergies, vegetarian, organic. The threat as well as opportunity that the 2 trends can be. Can concern other events: taste Sydney, etc for example. Do not write about social media as a current trend